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Message from the President

-From the Trust System representative to everyone-


From a new perspective

Business to create

Trust System Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Yoshinori Hoshi

Trust worthy integrity Trust, trust, integrity, and personality

-Building a business style that puts customer trust first-

Our company was originally established with the human resources service as the main business.

Then, the number of requests related to the current promotion is increasing from the work that makes the best use of the human resources to the present.

From the perspective of the trust, trust, and integrity of the trust, we have instilled in our company the idea that the customer is the most important

Making use of business personality, from events and promotions that meet future needs and design

We have developed as a company that does even marketing.

When I'm in trouble, I'm starting to become a company called Trust System, which is exactly what I want.

The head office moved to Nishinomiya from July 2018, and it has newly started as the Kansai Sales Headquarters .

Creating a world where everyone can face the job in a positive manner, and the company will become vibrant and full of energy. We aim to become a truly "selected company" by our customers by responding to each and every issue that customers have regarding "working" and realizing such a society.

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