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-Our quality of commitment-


To be able to develop promotions according to customer requests,

Our own Japan top-class in-house / operating organization system

Build, smooth and quick response is possible

Registration number of staff of Japan's top class

Entire group

Over 20,000

QUALITY | 日本 |

Every day we interview new people for new personnel,

By training effective staff and conducting on-site training

We have achieved the number of staff registrations and staff availability.

Skilled regular veteran staff and new staff

Develop staff's skill improvement by fusing

Proven throughout Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa

All over Japan


QUALITY | 日本 |

Promotions nationwide for each customer request

There are results such as events

Mix with cooperating companies all over Japan who are familiar with our company.

We can also handle planning, operation, marketing research

From large-scale events, presentations and citizen festivals for tens of thousands to thousands of people

Up to events in small spaces

A wide variety of events can be held.

<Main duties>

■ Field promotion business

Events, campaigns, sampling, exhibitions, seminars, posters

Negotiation staff for leaflet installation and other community-based media Planning and production, operation of event office

Overseas business (events, promotions, etc.)

QUALITY | 日本 |

In Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Palau, etc.

There are related event promotion business results.

Currently preparing for overseas business

The contact point is in Japan, but consultations are accepted at any time

Web / Multimedia / DTP Many achievements

QUALITY | 日本 |

We can provide a wide range of services, from website creation and digital content production to leaflets, pamphlets, and graphic designs that meet customer needs.

<Main duties>

■ WEB integration

Planning / Consulting / Marketing / Web Design / System Development / Operation / Management / Internet Advertising Promotion

■ Multimedia content

Video content planning / production / authoring / digital signage production / sales agent


Design Graphic design in general / Editorial design / Package design / Sign planning / Image processing / Plate making / Plate making

■ Printing business

Brochures / Catalogs / Posters / Flyers / DM / Calendars / Postcards / Packages / Books / Stickers / Office Prints / Special Printing

Flow of distribution processing (inclusion work)

Our main sampling, etc.

During distribution processing (inclusion work),

We work under hygiene and quality control.

<Main flow>

Procurement / Incoming goods → Inspection / Storage → Encapsulation / Packing → Shipping / Shipping

Please refer to the video for the specific scheme

An experienced sales representative will answer your questions

QUALITY | 日本 |

Our experienced sales representatives perform basic events such as large events, street sampling, seminars, presentations, etc.

From event promotion,

WEB contents, home page production, digital media, etc.

From airborne media to locally-based promotional media, and

Encapsulation, shipping agency, survey marketing can be handled collectively


While answering customers' requests and questions,

Promotion according to the needs of the times

I will propose

Prompt support for project success

QUALITY | 日本 |

Create a successful project with us and our customers

I will help you.

Planning and implementation from the planning of the best method to achieve the purpose

Operation management, inventory management and reporting after completion

We will continue to associate

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