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Company Profile

トラストシステム ビル 自社ビル

<Company name> Trust System Co., Ltd.

<Representative Director> Yoshinori Hoshi


5-22 Hamada-cho, Koshien, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo 663-8167

<Representative Contact>

Kansai Sales Headquarters

TEL 06-6412-1515 FAX 06-6412-1516

<Establishment> April 4, 2008

<Capital> 10 million yen

<Number of employees> 43 (FY2018)

<Number of part-time jobs> 22,000 registered staff (whole group)

<Bank> Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Resona Bank Kita Osaka Shinkin Bank

<Permission> Privacy Mark Certification No. 17001039

Outdoor advertisement application permission acquisition / event insurance participation


<Main duties>

■ Field promotion business

Events, campaigns, sampling, exhibitions, seminars, posters, leaflets, and other community-based media

Planning and production, management operations, operation of various offices

■ WEB integration

Planning / Consulting / Marketing / Web Design / System Development / Operation / Management /

Internet advertising promotion

■ Multimedia content

Video content planning / production / authoring / digital signage production / sales agent

■ DTP / Design

Graphic design in general / Editorial design / Package design / Sign planning / Image processing / Plate making / Plate making

■ Printing business

Brochure / Catalog / Poster / Flyer / DM / Calendar / Postcard / Package / Book / Sticker /

Office print / special print

■ Encapsulation business and shipping

Encapsulation / sealing / packing / delivery agency / DM delivery agency

■ Data entry industry

Digitization of paper media / data input

■ Research / Marketing

Environmental research / Desktop map production / Train time survey / Consciousness survey / Questionnaire acquisition type marketing

TS logo mark

"Ikari" is used as a motif so that all of us can cross the open sea.

The logo mark is registered as a trademark.




Business partner

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Apple / Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd./Dyson Co., Ltd./SONY/Sharp Co., Ltd./Balmuda Co., Ltd./Panasonic Corp.

Group Cebu Japan Co., Ltd./Olympus Co., Ltd./Kercher Japan Co., Ltd./Nestlé Japan Co., Ltd./Twin Bird Industry Co., Ltd.

Raycop Japan Co., Ltd./Nikon Corporation / Zojirushi / Toshiba / Hitachi / Delonghi Japan Co., Ltd./Ceravie Inc.

Dream Factory / Nintendo Co., Ltd./TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd./Japan Travel / Quo Card Co., Ltd./JCB Co., Ltd.

National Liquor Sales Cooperative Association / National Rice Sales Business Mutual Aid Cooperative / TBC Group Co., Ltd./Coleman Japan Co., Ltd.

Kobe Concerto / Nesta Resort Kobe / YAMAHA / Bandai Co., Ltd. / Japan Toys R Us Co., Ltd. / Bonnelund

Hobby Center Kato Co., Ltd./“KAPLA® Block ”Japanese exclusive agency IPS / Soroham Co., Ltd./Yoshiritsu Co., Ltd.

Lloyd's Conf. Co., Ltd. / Calbee Co., Ltd. / Suzette Co., Ltd. / Rush Co., Ltd. / Morozov Co., Ltd.

Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Campanella / Ginza Senbikiya / BOATRACE Foundation / JRA / Kobe Rokko Beer / Asahi Breweries Ltd.

Suntory Holdings Limited / Palau Epira / MJI ENTERPRISE / Daikyo / Tokyu Fudosan Holdings /

Tokyo Building / Sumitomo Real Estate / Mitsubishi Estate / General Estate Residence / Shinko Real Estate / Ad Dentsu / Keihan Real Estate

Kintetsu Real Estate / Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate / Nankai Electric Railway / Mitsui Fudosan Residential / Daikyo Anabuki Real Estate / Mori Building / Nomura Real Estate / Meitetsu Real Estate /

Daiwa House Industry / Sekisui House / Eslead / Anabuki Kosan Co., Ltd. Nihon Keizai Inc. / Asahi Advertising Company / Yomiuri Advertising Company / Asatsu Kay /

Kawai Juku / Kenshinkan / Up / Disco / Takeda Printing / Aeon Group / Life Corporation / Maruetowa /

J & F / Future Sketch / Koushokai Publisher (Z-kai) / ECC / DG Communications /

JR West Communications Co., Ltd./Yomiuri Co., Ltd./Act Co., Ltd./Asakaesha/

Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd./Kanebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd./Anabuki Kosan Co., Ltd./Morimoto Kosan Co., Ltd./Gakken Campus Group /
Daiei Space Create / (Random order, title omitted)


March 2003 Established Trust Add

March 2004: Exceeded 200 registered staff

July 2004 Relocation of office due to business expansion

March 2005: Over 1000 registered staff members

April 2005 Office moved due to business expansion

June 2006 Organization changed to Trust Add Co., Ltd.

March, 2007 Over 2000 registered staff members

March 2008 Over 5,000 registered staff members

April 4, 2008 Organization changed to Trust System Co., Ltd.

August 5, 2008 Acquired the certificate of completion of the outdoor advertising materials workshop

August 19, 2008 Obtained Osaka Prefecture Governor Registration No. 20052

August 20, 2008 Trust System Co., Ltd. Fukuoka Sales Office established

April 2011: Over 8,000 registered staff members

August 22, 2012 Trust System Co., Ltd. Tokyo branch office established

April 2012 Number of registered staff exceeded 12,000

August 2015 Successful overseas event (Thailand)

March 2016 Over 20,000 registered staff members

July 2017 Successful events overseas and in Myanmar

June 4, 2018 Trust System Co., Ltd. Nagoya branch office established

July 2018 Head office moved to Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture

July 24, 2018 Trust System Co. , Ltd. Kansai Sales Headquarters (own building) established

July 24, 2018 Trust System Osaka Sales Office established

Support for overseas business in 2018

Ryowa 2 April 1, Ltd. Trust system Higashimaizuru sales office established

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