Let's improve and

create together

With the goal of “experience as much as one can experience”,
We greatly welcome those who can work together.


- Careers -

Trust System Co., Ltd. is looking for colleagues to work with.

We are a major corporation, electric railway company, cram school, local government, and many others.

We accept requests from clients and meet a variety of needs to express our feelings.

Realize a special shaped promotion event,

We have built a relationship of trust by accumulating achievements.

<Recruitment of new graduates>

Let's do our best together with ambition!

Because it is an internal environment that I do not care at all,

I want you to fully demonstrate your power,

Let the fresh breeze blow.

<Intermediate recruitment>

Please make use of your experience and skills.

We welcome you regardless of genre!

In order to succeed various projects in the future,

We are looking for someone to work with us.



It is an image of the office


This is a monthly internal meeting

Welcome party for new staff

BBQ event!


Event Tool Japan 2019 exhibit


We also hold various in-house events.

・ A monthly social gathering

・ Employee trip once a year (Okinawa last year)

・ Others, such as futsal and BBQ

The main flow of the day (The contents differ depending on the department.)

-Main flow of sales employees-Reference example


10:00 come to work


11:00 Internal meeting


12:00 Lunch time ・ 60 minutes break


13:00 Client meeting


15:00 Confirmation / setup of the site on weekends


16:00 Return to the company Summary work / Quotation / Plan document creation


17:00 Sharing inside the company, checking work tomorrow


18:30 go home

~ Application Form ~