Initiatives for SDGs

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are international goals from 2016 to 2030 adopted by the United Nations Summit.

It is composed of 17 goals and 169 targets for realizing a sustainable world.

SDGs are not only for developing countries but also for developed countries themselves

Japan is also actively promoting it.

Trust System Co., Ltd. supports the SDGs and its philosophy,

We will work on the following goals through our business activities.

〇 By providing support to work facilities for people with disabilities, ordering work, and registering people with disabilities as staff, we provide opportunities for people with disabilities to work.

We are committed to providing. All employees deepen their understanding and knowledge of disabilities.

〇 We accept staff registration regardless of age, gender, nationality, origin, educational background. We will build a skill development and training system according to experience and ability.

〇We will work to improve the ratio of female supervisors in event operations.

○ We will work to increase the number of work orders that lead to regular employment of staff.

〇 Contribute to work style reforms of business partners through business activities.

〇 By subdividing internal operations, we aim to build an internal flow that allows all people to work in the right places, and to develop and create a sustainable business model.

〇 We will work to improve operations and reduce waste by facilitating communication and making paperless by utilizing ICT.

〇 Recycling and reuse by further separation of business waste, introduction and promotion of use of eco-friendly goods and equipment,

We will work to reduce waste, prevent generation, and reduce CO2 emissions.

〇 By discovering local business partners in each region, ordering projects and business orders that lead to cultural promotion and product sales promotion, we can revitalize and promote exchanges in the region.

〇 We will work to establish a sustainable business model in collaboration with local companies.

〇 We will work with our business partners, employees, and registered staff to share the purpose of the SDGs and work to expand the number of business locations that are working to spread the SDGs.

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